The ranking for one year relates to the cumulative installed capacity per capita on 31 of december of the last year.

States with cumulative installed capacity per capita of less than 1 Watt per capita are ranked according to the population (smallest population best).

The ranking concerns to sovereign states not to countries.

All countries of the world are allocated to one state.

One state can consist of several countries.

Usually a state consists of one country accounting for more than 90 % of the total population of the state.

The state is for simplicity reasons usually called by the name of the country that covers more than 90 % of the population of the state, for example the state Kingdom Netherlands is called in the SolarSuperState Ranking only Netherlands. The country Netherlands contributes to some 98 % of the population of the Kingdom Netherlands. The 3 other countries of the Netherlands are Aruba, Curacao and Sint Marten.

In the case of the state Kingdom Denmark, the SolarSuperState Ranking calls the state Kingdom Denmark because this state is number one in the category wind and the ranking wants to use the more precise state naming than for other states. The country Denmark has some 98 % of the state population. The other 2 countries of the Kingdom of Denmark have below average wind power. Therefore, the SolarSuperState Ranking might show a figure which can be 1 to 2 % below the values reported by rankings that use the country definition. If the deviation is bigger, other reasons might apply (different population statistics or different absolute wind power statistics).

Data sources: World Wind Energy Association (Bonn), European Commission (Ispra), Photon Verlag (Aachen), data supplied directly from states (by internet or direct inquiry), data from industry associations, own research and own calculations



The prize consists of a goblet (cup) and a certificate. There is no financial component of the prize.

The prize can be accepted by a member of the government or a citizen of the state, in case of the Vatican State also by a member of the catholic church.

The prize is awarded by the SolarSuperState Association in Zuerich.

Other non-profit organizations can be co-organizers.

The SolarSuperState Prize wants to promote the use of solar energy and wind energy in order to facilitate national economies that are soon entirely based on renewable energies.